high performing virtual team

Your approach to managing a high-performing virtual team is as important as the individual contribution of the team members. The highly effective TeamTracker will make your work incredibly easier as you manage your virtual team.
TeamTracker allows you to get real-time location information for your teams, chat with individual members and send out important messages to the entire team. TeamTracker is available as an application for your mobile devices and can also be used as an online software from wherever you are.
Take a look at six ways that will help you better manage a high-performing virtual team.
Meet physically
If it is possible, arrange for the team to get together before virtual interactions can begin. This will create a rapport that will form the foundation for the work you do.

Regular reports are an effective way to ensure your virtual team is maintaining standards and meeting output requirements.
The reporting module on TeamTracker gives you detailed insight into your team’s activities and locations, and in turn influencing better decision-making on required adjustments and improvement.

Track work patterns
With simple check-ins and check-outs, TeamTracker enables location tracking for people on the field. Once location tracking is enabled, you will receive this information at regular intervals. This helps to optimise communication and the field activities accordingly.

Establish a reward-system
Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep a virtual team highly motivated and invested in their work. Creating a meritocratic system where team members are rewarded for their positive output motivates them to maintain and increase productivity.

Group communication
Team chat is a great TeamTracker feature to communicate specifically to one member of the team or collectively to a number or all of the entire team at a go. This is a great way to optimise time, schedule, work items, and overall communication.

Create room for a social culture
If you want your virtual team to continue performing at a high level, it is critical to allow room for social interactions. This will ease the appearance of a strict working environment and allow the team members an opportunity to refresh and recharge for better output.

Khyati Garg
Khyati Garg has worked as an IT Recruiter for a couple of years before venturing into content writing, working as an in-house blog writer with TeamTracker. She has a passion for the development of human resources within organizations and creates content to help remote teams attain high levels of productivity. If you are interested in inviting Khyati to do a guest post on your website, catch her on Twitter @khyatiig



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