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In a constantly evolving and dynamic world, the workplace is slowly changing from being a physical place. Company owners and executives no longer need to physically supervise their subordinates as a lot of work can now be delegated and executed remotely.
This is the kind of experience that can be aided by TeamTracker, a platform that allows you to get real-time location information for your teams, chat with individual members and send out important messages to the entire team. TeamTracker is available as an application for your mobile devices and can also be used as an online software from wherever you are.
TeamTracker enables you to keep your remote employees engaged and productive, but what are some of the ways of going about this?

As there isn’t a constant physical interaction with your team, it is important to always keep communication channels active at all times. This ensures that everybody retains awareness of their tasks and prevents them from being distracted by other things.

You can still foster teamwork even in cases where team members are working remotely. Providing the opportunity for different individuals to directly input into a singular project creates a sense of belonging.

Set goals
Setting targets is a good way to get rid of the disorganized feel that may come with working remotely. Create goals for the collective whole, and ensure every participant is aware of their part in meeting them.

Be flexible
It is not entirely feasible to demand strict hours and working conditions if your employees are working away from a centralized location. To maximise productivity, it is more prudent to gauge performance first on output before hours put in.

Set standards
On the other hand, a lack of rules will eventually mean a slide into anarchy. It is therefore wise, to ensure that certain hours and tasks are adhered to as a minimum requirement.

Pay well!
A universal standard of employee motivation is good remuneration. This is no different to remote workers. Good financial terms create a feel-good factor among your employees, and keeps them invested in the vision, wherever they are!

Meet when possible
Create time and opportunity for your remote employees to occasionally meet and interact with you as well as the rest of their colleagues. This way, a sense of tangibility is created among them in relation to the work they do.

Khyati Garg
Khyati Garg has worked as an IT Recruiter for a couple of years before venturing into content writing, working as an in-house blog writer with TeamTracker. She has a passion for the development of human resources within organizations and creates content to help remote teams attain high levels of productivity. If you are interested in inviting Khyati to do a guest post on your website, catch her on Twitter @khyatiig


  1. Remote teams are more complicated to manage only due to the no physical interaction and people working in different time zones. But I guess the technology makes it a bit easier to keep them engaged.


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